Dani Leventhal : Justos Sobre La Tierra–Just Above Ground

Dani Leventhal : Justos Sobre La Tierra–Just Above Ground

09/09/2005 - 10/01/2005

This exhibition is over.

Opening Reception:


119 N. Peoria St. #2c

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 6-9PM

Tackling the reality of white privilege, Dani Leventhal leads the viewer through a personal course of realization and acknowledgment, as she works to eradicate her own racism. Undoubtedly one of our culture’s most uncomfortable topics and hotly disputed realities, Leventhal steers the course in a personal journey that is as beautiful and poignant as it is political. Through sculpture, video and painting, Leventhal responds to the difficult subject of race, class and immigration and the question of survival in a Westernized world that favors the success of the economically advantaged, over the broad base of low income earners who work to support our consumption.

In addition to exhibiting video recorded on her recent trip to Ecuador, Leventhal has built a continuous walkway that circles the gallery, inviting the audience to travel between the economic positions of poverty and wealth, while considering their own class privileges.

Dani Leventhal earned her MFA at The University of Illinois, Chicago in 2003. Her work encompasses performance, video, sculpture and drawing. She has exhibited her work in exhibitions and screenings in Chicago, New York, Amsterdam and Equador including Gallery 400, Chicago; Women in the Director’s Chair, Chicago; and El Container, Quito, Ecuador.

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