meanwhile: Jenny Walters + Tessa Windt

meanwhile: Jenny Walters + Tessa Windt

11/18/2005 - 12/17/2005

This exhibition is over.

Opening Reception:

Threewalls is pleased to present meanwhile, a two-person exhibition of current work by Tessa Windt (Pittsburgh) and Jenny Walters (Chicago). meanwhile is space and time at the in-between; the membrane through which memory, desire and longing pass. Windt’s sculptural forms, although deflated are still lucious, while Walter’s images of empty blankets retain their poignancy and hope despite their depiction of absence. Although the body has vacated these artworks, they retain the trace of presence, both remainder and reminder, embodying both the potential and the surplus of life and love.

Jenny Walters is a Chicago-based artist working in photography and video. She has exhibited widely, including at Chicago Filmmakers and 1/Quarterly as well as New York, Germany and the Netherlands. She recently completed a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. Walters received her MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004 and currently teaches at DePaul University.

Tessa Windt completed her MFA at Ohio State University in 2002. Her solo exhibitions include let fall at Zone Gallery and Sculpture Park, Kansas City, MO; occasional respite, Sherman Studio Art Center at the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH as well as solo and group exhibitions in Vancouver and Pittsburgh. She is currently adjunct faculty in Ceramics and Sculpture at Chatham College in Pittsburgh, PA.

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