PHONEBOOK 4 Hardcopy (Published September 2015)


Published in 2015
Paperback, 10.75 x 8.25 inches
312 pages



PHONEBOOK 4, published in 2015, is a directory of independent art spaces, programs, and projects throughout the United States, as well as a collection of critical essays and practical information written by the people who run them. This ongoing Threewalls publication is an essential resource for artists, art historians, organizers, and anyone interested in grassroots culture.

This edition of PHONEBOOK 4 features over 850 listings of artist-run spaces, public programs, unconventional artist residencies, alternative schools, and other community resources. The publication also features essays and documents from Kyle Riley, Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), Helena Keefe, Martha Wilson, Brandon Alvendia, Local Honey, Chris Stiegler, Ryan Dennis, Ayanna Jolivet McCloud, Jamal Cyrus, Shani Peters, James McAnally, Noe Gaytan, Susannah Schouweiler, KCHUNG, ARTS.BLACK, Steve Lambert, Eleanor Hanson Wise, Christian Frock, Sam Gould, The Ladies Invitational Deadbeats Society, and Caroline Woolard & Susan Jahoda.

More information about the PHONEBOOK project here.