Fall Breaking Bread 2017
Misty De Berry | little sister: An Afro-Temporal Solo-Play
EXPO Chicago 2017 | Balas & Wax
Jennifer Ling Datchuk: Whitewash
Michael Anthony García | Tempest-Tost
Summer Salon
Breaking Bread July 2017


In-Session 2018 Program

January 10, 2018 | 6:30 p.m. Perilous Journey of María Rosa Palacios | Event Recap Photos linked here Presented by artist Karina Skvirsky, in conversation with Charlotte Ickes, […]

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a quarterly relationship-building program that brings together a cross-section of Chicago over a prepared meal. In a casual setting, guests connect with […]

Upcoming Events


Begin your Chicago House Music Festival weekend with us at Threewalls.  Please join us for an evening of experimental sounds with Kikù Hibino, Allen Moore and Distributed Autonomous Organization. […]


In-Session | AZTLAN GOAL LINE presented by El Cardenal De Aztlán and youth from Yollocalli Arts Reach. AZTLAN GOAL LINE is a radio and performance art project by El […]