Amina Ross with J’Sun Howard, Khadijah Ksyia, Jared Brown and A.J. McClenon



An undisciplined creator. Amina Ross creates boundary-crossing works that embrace embodiment, imaging technologies, intimacy and collectivity in physical and digital spaces. Amina has exhibited work, spoken on panels and taught workshops at venues throughout the United States. Amina's intention within a media-centering practice is to engage sensuality and sense-perception as modes of reclaiming the body. Amina is currently a 2018-2019 Artist-in-Residence at Arts & Public Life and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago. --
As an educator Amina is currently an adjunct lecturer in the Contemporary Practices department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Co-lead artist of Teen Creative Agency at the Museum of Contemporary Art. As a curator and cultural organizer Amina is curator of ECLIPSING, a multi-media festival celebrating darkness. --

Khadijah Kysia, is a licensed acupuncturist, writer and scholar with four decades worth of experience navigating the world in a black femme body. Khadijah will share with us her (counter)narrative and strategies for cultivating internal power and moving through the world whilst actively healing herself and others. Khadijah’s narrative will be set alongside the sounds of Jared Brown, the self-proclaimed “high priest of sounds for the girls at night.”

J’Sun Howard is a master of movement, navigating the politics of desire both on and off stage J’Sun’s (counter)narrative will be set alongside the work of A.J. McClenon, a multimedia sound artist who blends archival sound bites and personal narrative that, in AJ’s own word “level hierarchies of truth”.


Eclipsing: Migration, Movements and Desire

Presented by Amina Ross with J’Sun Howard, Khadijah Ksyia, Jared Brown and A.J. McClenon | Guiding Work: Brother to Brother (dir. Marlon Riggs) --

A duet of performative lectures on migration, movement and desire by J’Sun Howard and Khadija Kysia, set alongside the digital soundscapes of artists A.J. McClenon and Jared Brown. --

A celestial body is eclipsed when another larger body passes, floats, or drifts into this celestial body’s source of illumination, submerging the smaller body in shadow; in darkness. An eclipse can also be defined as a reduction or loss of status, reputation or power. Those lacking power are cast into darkness. The concept of the eclipse exposes common associations with night and darkness, and may reveal the way dark and night spaces provide a place to challenge dominant and oppressive systems, structures and ways of seeing. --

Desire as it is learned, internalized and projected is a system of power one must navigate internally and spatially. Migration, as it is defined, is “movement from one part of something to another”, artists within ECLIPSING claim the agentive qualities of motion as dark beings, finding alternate sources of power beyond “light”, migrating into their own greatness. --

This performative lecture will be organized and poetically framed by undisciplined creative Amina Ross. This program functions in conjunction with ECLIPSING: the politics of night, the politics of light (January 31,2018 – Feb 2018) a multi-pronged exhibition and performance festival at Links Hall organized as a part of Amina Ross’ 2017-2018 Curatorial residency at Links Hall.


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