Aquil Charlton


I am excited to be part of this year’s RaD Lab fellowship cohort for many reasons, one being the support that Mobile Music Box will gain as I engage more deeply with the public and explore more ways for people to access the music-making and instrument-making that Mobile Music Box produces, which will help more people benefit from the sonic healing and frequencies that we generate. I’m looking forward to engaging more with local artists and working with recycled materials to encourage more environmental consciousness in Bronzeville, and really want to see that result in greater access to recycling and other environmentally sustainable practices in our community.


Multimedia Artist. Social practitioner. Musician.

Aquil (‘AQ’) Charlton uses his imagination to envision a more just world. As an electronic musician, he performs live improvisations and collaborates with other electronic musicians and visual artists to create immersive experiences.

Since founding Mobile Music Box in 2016, AQ teaches intergenerational groups how to make instruments from recycled materials to encourage more environmental consciousness -- particularly in communities of color. Additionally, he frequently engages the public in live music-making.

A Bronzeville resident, AQ is a teaching artist in his community and father to a young son with a passion for youth development.



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