Chandra Christmas-Rouse


Neighborhood: Bronzeville
Racial Justice Issue: Divestment of Black Communities on Southside

Through this fellowship, Chandra seeks to address disinvestment: systemic neglect and removal of resources from Black neighborhoods, particularly within Bronzeville. Her work seeks to ask how can we heal from a process as normalized and sprawling as disinvestment. Her intention is to trace and represent disinvestment as a series of moments in reverse — and in slow motion — to make strange what has for many of us become familiar commentary like ”there goes the neighborhood”: the traumatic, rapid but also long process of disinvestment. Her work is about collectively imagining futures, prospectively looking forward to denormalize this process and centering a space for, and an ongoing conversation regarding, what would be our ideal expression and realization of community, healing and spatial agency and imaginary. Her project will engage her community through a series of pop-up design investigations to inspire the creative agency of community members, to build a spatial imaginary and engender transhistorical solidarity.


Based in Bronzeville, Chandra Christmas-Rouse is an urban planner and data artist. Her creative practice focuses on building spatial imaginaries and interventions as a way to inform dialogue and development in cities and to engage the socio-political realities of disinvestment. Her most recent works were about Black women’s spatial sensibility and the city, broaching interferences among spatial production theory and black feminist theories as a means to transform urban redevelopment in Chicago.



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