Chineze Mogbo

Art is a powerful healing tool of self-expression. Through Art and an open mind, you have the power to change your mood, your health, and ultimately your reality."



Neighborhood: South Shore
Racial Justice Issue: Medical Racism

Chineze Mogbo is an Artist, Creative Professional, Safe Space Curator, Model, Actress, Kemetic Belly Dancer, Digital Marketing Strategist, Community Organizer, Head Wrap Specialist, Health and Wellness Advocate, Housing Counselor, and a proud Mother.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing, she founded Mogbo Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency. She utilizes her marketing expertise to help businesses and community-based organizations in the Chicagoland area spread awareness about new businesses and products, educational and healing information, initiatives, and resources in many communities.

Chineze is also the founder of Battle Wrapped, an African culture-based fashion business. Its mission is to teach the Art and history of global Head wrapping techniques.

In 2018, Chineze was shot in the head and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). After her recovery, she Co-Founded Weaving the Thread Healing Experience (WTT Healing) where she began sharing her traumatic experience and the practices that assist in her healing process with others. By curating these safe spaces in different communities, Chineze was able to co-create with organizations and artists to bring multiple forms of healing to our communities.

As an artist, she uses the power of healing practices, art, dance, and other creative avenues to curate health and Wellness events globally.


During Chineze’s research year with Threewalls she explored the mental wellness of the South Shore residents, coping with PTSD and their radical desire to "heal". For Chineze the first step is getting first-hand accounts of what the people felt about healing. Through conversations with the South Shore community members, leaders, and organizations she found that most people felt underserved and invisible. Most of the mental health facilities are closed and the neighborhood hospitals are below normal standards. During her research, she found out that the people wanted more safe spaces to have these conversations, more places to creatively express themselves, and more resources to heal. In year two of this fellowship, Chineze has collaborated with organizations and artists to bring what they have collectively reimaged for South Shore, a healing sanctuary full of resources.



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