Felicia Holman

"Through this fellowship, I seek to further my curatorial trajectory by honing in on best practices of artist-run platforms and formulate relevant/ sustainable/ replicable development initiatives for emerging creative communities. I envision opening up direct resource access to BIPOC artists (time, space, community, mentorship) in a pilot program designed to nurture and empower peer-to-peer coalition and explore the contemporary feasibility of grassroots artists providing sustainable core-building support for fellow creatives."



Neighborhood: Bucktown
Racial Justice Issue: Segregation

Based in Bucktown for 20+ years, Felicia's engagement with her northside neighborhood will draw upon her experience and passion as an independent cultural producer and programmer to cultivate sustainable creative agency from within her expansive network of BIPOC artists and creatives from across Chicago.


Felicia Holman is a cisgender Black woman, lifelong Chicagoan and interdisciplinary artist. An independent cultural producer/programmer and co-founder of Chicago-based Afrodiasporic feminist creative collective, Honey Pot Performance, Felicia's creative/ professional and social practices are firmly grounded in critical thought, intersectionality, community building & embodied storytelling.



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