Jenna Anast

“Media is a spell and it has the power to shape the narrative. And if you shape the narrative you can shape the future.”



Neighborhood: Pilsen
Racial Justice Issue: Dismantling Weaponized Media

During Jenna’s research year with Threewalls she explored the radical desire to dismantle the way that media weaponizes Black and Brown folks. For Jenna the first step in dismantling anything is visioning what will take its place. Through conversations with the Pilsen community members, leaders, and lovers she coined the term Conjure Media. Media is a spell. During her research she proposed the following questions during her public engagements to deepen her understanding on how to craft Craft Service:

What do you dream/vision for the Pilsen Community?

What spells does the Pilsen community want to cast into the world?”

What stories need to be shared? Who do we want to hear from?

Jenna knows that their creation Craft Service is a spell that casts light on the beauty, truth, and nuances that is being human. Their second season of Craft Service takes all of their accumulated research and pours out two magical and magnificent episodes of talk show goodness. They are honored to be journeying on with this concept and sharing looks forward to sharing season 2 of Craft Service with her Pilsen community and the world!


Jenna is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on digital media and performance art. Jenna is an educator dedicated to uplifting the stories and voices of people of the global majority and dismantling the way media weaponizes Black and Brown people.

Jenna is the founder of Journey’s with Jenna LLC, which provides social-emotional consulting, radical HR, and transformative justice mapping.

Jenna is the creator and host of a talk show experience called Craft Service. Like a cooking show for the soul, Jenna Anast’s new talk show Craft Service opens avenues of imagination through a blend of social justice, comedy and magic. In this show, Jenna interviews creators and manifestors across the world about bravery, shame, healing and life at large. At the end of each episode, the audience will walk away with a spell for their tool-kit and words of wisdom for manifestation. From featured guests Hannibal Buress to Tutu Zondo-Rurale, this show is an ever-changing testament to how, in community, we have everything we need.



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