Laura Nicole Haldane


‘The Rootworker Table’ by Renee Stout is our primary source, to be in conversation with “Learning to Listen” by Alexis Pauline Gumbs and “Opening to Spirit” by Caroline Shola Arewa. We chose Stout’s installation piece because it depicts the ingredients of a rootworkers creative space and connection to Black folks' inextricable link to the lineage of spiritual practice, resistance, and liberation. In “Learning to Listen” our Cultural Ancestor Harriet Tubman helps us to understand the lineage of rootworking, through a framework of the five elemental medicines - fire, air/sky, earth, water, and ether; we couple this with exercises in bearing witness through practices of deep listening offered in “Opening to Spirit.”


LauraNicoleHaldane, antiracist community organizer, studio artist and art historian, who also holds an MFA in studio practice from SAIC, creates from the foundation that everything is interconnected beyond subatomic levels. Their practice merges conceptual ideas around personal and community healing, proposing moments of rest/reflection within liminal PastPresent&Future spaces.

Image description: L is seated, laughing, wearing a white dress, red scarf, striped socks and glasses. They are inside of a space with wood floors, a yellow wall and white french doors with ambient light.



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