Nnenna Okore

I’m inspired by forms, topographies, and phenomena related to place, memory, time, and language.



Born in Australia and raised in Nigeria, Nnenna Okore has received international acclaim for her richly textured abstract sculptures and installations. Known for their environmental ties, her breathtaking works explore the fragility and ephemerality of terrestrial existence. Through photography, video, and dance/performance, he seeks to investigate and question the norms and customs that govern our understanding of each other, our families, and the myriad of societal struggles and triumphs.

Okore is a Professor of Art at Chicago’s North Park University, where she chairs the Art department and teaches courses in Art Theory and Sculptural Practices.


Outside the Walls - Plastorganism

As a Threewalls RaD Lab artist, Okore engaged local residents of Albany Park through a workshop series inviting members to join her as she discussed her passion for nature and the need to dialogue about environmental issues that affect our neighborhoods.

“As part of my research project, neighbors and the general public participated in dialogue and small creative workshops, where issues revolving around environmental sustainability were discussed and recyclable plastic materials were collected and transformed into various art objects.”

Plastorganism will live at the Chicago Public Library – Albany Park Branch until September 30, 2019.