Peregrine Bermas


The In-Session texts Abena and I chose to focus on for this Fellowship include the documentary In Our Mothers’ Garden (2021), the book All About Love: New Visions (1999) by bell hooks, and the poem “Ancestors I” by Tori Ashley Matos.

We are both of liminal diasporic spaces and we honor the dreams our ancestors had for us and these lands. Through the documentary In Our Mothers’ Garden, we identify with the resilience handed down to us through our matriarchal lineages.

Through All About Love, we look at what it means to love and how we can learn to love ourselves and each other towards tenderness and collective freedom (In the words of bell hooks on love: “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”).

Our work is deeply connected to our living environment, centered on reciprocal relationships with the earth and a love of this place we are on. Through “Ancestors I” by Tori Ashley Matos, we look at our practices of gratitude, reciprocal relationships with the land, and the ways the Earth loves us.


Peregrine Bermas is a creative and curious earthling living in their birthplace, so-called chicago. Their practices include illustration, ritual, somatics and herbology. As a community herbalist, Peregrine is passionate about holding space for remembrance of ancestral, kitchen-accessible, and bioregional medicine.

Image description: Peregrine, a tan-skinned femme with short dark hair, cat eye glasses and a light green turtleneck, rests their eyes under a spot of sun. Behind them, a green couch and books perched on a windowsill.



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