Safiya Eshe Gyasi


Neighborhood: South Shore
Radical Justice Issue: Disability inclusion and Awareness

Through this fellowship, Safiya seeks to create luxury events for the BIPOC disability community. Through an event series called the I Am Event Series [Disability Art, Life & Culture]. The purpose of the event series is to create accessible and inclusive workshops and high-end events for people with different types of disabilities, in the South Shore community. The overall goal for the event series is to encourage people with disabilities to use their creativity and talent to create opportunities for themselves. These opportunities will continue to increase disability awareness and inclusion in the South Shore Community long after the workshops and events have ended. The theme for the event series is: I am Enough!!!


Safiya is an award winning Mental Health, Trauma & Creative Release Advocate, and Speaker who has created a technique of using art and storytelling to create artistic healing experiences for individuals who have experienced trauma. Ideal clients include individuals, organizations, and companies who have a desire to shed light on traumatic healing by providing a voice for the misunderstood, unheard, and unseen by turning their trauma into artistic healing experiences.
Safiya is a 16-year+ Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] Survivor and a Multi-media artist with over ten years’ experience of creating and performing through various mediums including film-making, fiber work, and curating. She is a multi- talented and multi-dimensional Creative Director with proven skills in Event Planning and Project Management, invoking Afro-futurism to create healing experiences for communities.



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