Tulika Ladsariya


A.Martinez and I chose Shantrelle P. Lewis' documentary In Our Mother’s Garden (2021) and Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie's TED talk, "The Danger of a Single Story" (2014) as our texts to explore how we pass on family memories, traditions, and values through both narrative and non-narrative storytelling (food, home, sound, and ecosystems). We believe that the power of the story lies in the hands of the storyteller and are interested in shifting the narrative of these conversations to emphasize that everyone has valuable knowledge to share, especially those outside the dominant culture. We are interested in the role of mothers and their children as a means of intergenerational wisdom-sharing as well as how legacies can be passed on in other places in our communities.


Trained in painting, Tulika Ladsariya is frequently drawn to objects associated with traditional women’s work using domesticity and nurture to discuss personal history, addressing the political through the personal. Born in Mumbai, India and living in Chicago, USA, her work is an exploration of layered identity – as an Indian-born woman, a first-generation immigrant, and a mother.

Image description: In this image, Tulika is standing wearing a green jumpsuit made from her mother's sari and holding her 5 year daughter wearing a lehenga in her arms. The backdrop is her home, filled conservatory-style with plants that she has grown over the past 5 years in her condo, the most striking being her 15 ft tall fiddle leaf fig. The photo was taken by her husband, Alok, before an onam lunch (traditional Indian festival).



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