Balas & Wax at EXPO CHICAGO/2017 – Sept. 13-17

Balas & Wax at EXPO CHICAGO/2017 – Sept. 13-17

09/17/2017 - 09/17/2017,

This event is over.

Threewalls is pleased to announce its participation in EXPO CHICAGO/2017’s Special Exhibitions program, from September 13-17, 2017 at Navy Pier. The Threewalls booth will feature Balas & Wax, the ongoing collaborative art practice of Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz.

Presenting at Booth 865, Balas & Wax’s new installation Construction/Demolition/Salad—a constellation of works that ruminate on the subject of perishability as it relates to the life cycles of food and buildings; an analogy that extends comparisons of architecture to the body, city to living organism.

The installation’s works (sculptural, photographic, textual), hone in on three central elements that act as protagonists: hotels, apples, and salads. Two diagrams transform urban planning documents into meditations on construction and demolition, cultivation, human sustenance, and resilience. A photographic triptych considers how hotels—and their kitchens—represent life cycles and perishability. A sculptural installation-and-artists’ book employs apples as “designed objects” to examine human intervention and control, conspicuous consumption, and invisible histories.

About Balas & Wax

Balas & Wax is the ongoing collaborative art practice of Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz. Their work mines social histories, texts and archives—using poetry, ethnography, and multimedia production to create writing, installations, performances and public works. Catch the featured exhibition during EXPO CHICAGO all week long. More details can be found on our website.


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