INSIDE/WITHIN Artist conversations

INSIDE/WITHIN Artist conversations

Thursday 12/03/2015, 7:00 PM

This event is over.

INSIDE\WITHIN will be hosting public conversations with artists/curators included in Brandon Alvendia’s exhibition The Great Good Place at Threewalls. On December 3, we will hold the third conversation of a three-part moderated series on a theme related to the exhibition – Curating Outside of an Art Context.

Curating Outside of the Art Context: What do collaborations look like when they extend outside an art context? Curators and artist will speak about their personal experiences curating and working with participants who fall out of the art realm. They will speak specifically about past projects while also extending the conversation to how they navigate curatorial decisions when working with those who consider themselves non-artists, and what it means to highlight these individuals as a part of their own work. Participants include Anthony Stepter (Gallery 400), Meg Noe (David Weinberg Photography), Sarah Ross (Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project), and Jan Tichy.

INSIDE\WITHIN was in founded in 2013 as a constantly updating web archive devoted to physically exploring and digitally exposing the creative spaces and processes of Chicago’s emerging and established artists. The platform continues to published four artist interviews a month, showcasing the spaces of local artists regardless of gallery representation or length of career. INSIDE\WITHIN has an upcoming exhibition at THE FRANKLIN this December that will feature the work of four previous artists from the site. INSIDE\WITHIN was a 2014 awardee of the Propeller Fund, a joint administered grant from Threewalls and Gallery 400 at The University of Illinois at Chicago.

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