Next Objectivists Workshop

Next Objectivists Workshop

Tuesday 05/06/2014, 6pm

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119 N Peoria, #2c

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The Next Objectivists are participating in a workshop with filmmaker Irina Botea at Threewalls.  Irina and Next Objectivists member Gene Tanta had previously organized a series of  writing workshops known as Writing At the Movies, where wrote and read responses to films that they watched. On May 6th, Next Objectivists will recreate a version of this workshop at Threewalls in response to her work.

For this iteration, The Next Objectivists Poetry and Poetics Workshop goes to the movies. Together we will orchestrate a response to Botea’s films. Visitors to the gallery will be invited to “write back” to the movies, using a variety of objectivist techniques. This writing will be treated as “raw or/e” by the workshop, and will be refined into a chapbook of poems–a further iteration of the movies in another genre.

The Next Objectivists is the world’s only literary workshop entirely dedicated to the study and practice of objectivist poetry. They are a free school of poets and critics pursuing the techniques of writing poetry from outside the self.

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