Opening reception: Irina Botea and Rozalinda Borcila/Brian Holmes

Opening reception: Irina Botea and Rozalinda Borcila/Brian Holmes

Saturday 04/26/2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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119 N. Peoria #2C
Chicago, IL 60607

Irina Botea’s SOLO exhibition It is now a matter of learning hope foregrounds how hope as an emotion is connected to imagination and the possibility of social change. Through four filmic investigations, this exhibition proposes a performative approach to learning, rehearsing, debating and embodying theoretical and historical models relating to a politics of hope that potentially gives energy to the praxis of transformation. These films investigate a diversity of avenues, including political history, enlightenment methodologies, contemporary socio-political action and a range of theoretical utopian models.

In the Project Room, Rozalinda Borcila & Brian Holmes present Foreign Trade Zone: A People’s Consultancy. Asking why and how Chicago’s lakefront and waterways went “offshore”, the project reflects upon the historical developments and present-day realities of ports, warehouse districts and transit corridors. Weekly events and site visits propose a collective interrogation of Chicago’s trade landscapes and no-go zones, including so-called “foreign trade zones” (FTZs), artificial tax-shelter islands that play a central role in today’s global supply chains. The project room will also serve as a meeting point for consultation and the sharing of knowledge, for discussions and workshops. This hybrid project is organized along the corridor flow between art and research. It’s an experiment, a sounding board, a rendezvous, a way station. Follow the project at: