Threewalls occasionally produces exhibition projects "in-house" that fall outside of our SOLO and EXCHANGE opportunities. These include both solo and group exhibitions, both onsite and off.

There are no upcoming Other exhibitions right now.

Past Other

03/18/16 - 04/23/16

Originally commissioned by Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, Northern Triangle is an exhibition created by Borderland Collective that opens a space for constructive dialogue and exchange around […]

11/05/15 - 11/08/15

From Thursday, November 5 – Sunday, November 8, Threewalls will be showcasing the Community Supported Art (CSA) Chicago program at SOFA, the Sculptural Objects, Functional Art […]

10/02/15 - 10/31/15

Presented as part of Alternative Currencies, a Philadelphia-based project that gathers independent contemporary arts groups from around the country to share their innovative modes of working, Threewalls […]

09/17/15 - 09/20/15

Threewalls is proud to present work by recently exhibited artists Fraser Taylor and Jovencio de la Paz at EXPO Chicago 2015, held at Navy Pier […]

01/30/15 - 04/17/15

2012 Propeller Fund Awardee Lucky Pierre, as Lucky Pierre Free University (LPFU), presents The Sky Is Falling. The Money’s All Gone., a 10-week seminar in […]

01/23/15 - 03/21/15

Outreach: Jaime Davidovich, 1974-1984 is the first solo exhibition in Chicago of video and television works by the pioneering, overlooked Argentine artist Jaime Davidovich, curated […]

01/23/15 - 03/21/15

Television creates political bodies because it happens to many people at the same time: through the medium, people stay informed of collective stories, gather in […]

12/12/14 - 12/20/14

Threewalls is pleased to present Double Cherry, a group exhibition and concurrent symposium by artists from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The project […]

12/03/14 - 12/07/14

Threewalls is pleased to participate in UNTITLED. Miami Beach, December 3-7, 2014. In Booth C23, Threewalls presented sculptural and two-dimensional work by Chicago-based artist Carol Jackson, […]

06/15/14 - 07/26/14

Threewalls presents solo work in two conjoined shows by Chicago based artist Stephen Reber and Ander Ruhwald, ceramics Artist-in-Residence at The Cranbrook Academy of Art […]

03/07/14 - 04/12/14

In the Project room, taisha paggett and Ashley Hunt will create a “black box,” a darkened installation that builds upon their recent “Par Course” projects. […]

01/10/14 - 02/22/14

Threewalls is honored to present Fearful Symmetries, the first retrospective exhibition of the influential feminist artist, Faith Wilding.  Widely known as a performance artist, Wilding […]

06/28/13 - 08/03/13

A touring exhibition of artist subscription projects that traveled from The Luminary Center for the Arts in St. Louis in March 2013, to Threewalls in Summer 2013 […]

06/29/12 - 08/04/12

Odie Off is an off comment, off the books, off kilter, face off between artists Mike Rea and Kelly Kaczynski. Begun as a simple provocation, […]

04/30/09 - 05/04/09

NEXTFair: April 30th –May 4th 2009 Visit our booth at NEXT: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art May 1-4, 2009 at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, 7th floor. […]

02/20/09 - 03/27/09

Holle Cambodia, a project by Anne Elizabeth Moore Dispatch, a threewalls  project organized by Shannon Stratton The Tract House, a project by Lisa Anne Auerbach […]

02/22/08 - 03/22/08

Sister cities in America’s Midwest, both historically and culturally, Chicago and Detroit are swapping artists. In the last several decades, Detroit has suffered a growing […]

01/01/08 - 01/29/08

Chelsea Tonelli Knight, Elise Rasmussen and Carrie Schneider

10/19/07 - 11/17/07

Mel Davis, Juan Garcia, Diana Guerrero-Macia, Emily Jacir, Jesikah Ruehle, Mika Rottenberg, Christine Tarkowski and James Westwater

07/05/07 - 08/04/07

Tim Best, Kyle Brumfield and Japeth Mennes

05/05/07 - 05/19/07

ThreeWalls Presents: ARTS ADMINISTRATION SYMPOSIUM  On View: MAY 5, 2007 – May 19, 2007  ThreeWalls is pleased to present The Arts Administration Symposium, running from […]

11/18/05 - 12/17/05

Threewalls is pleased to present meanwhile, a two-person exhibition of current work by Tessa Windt (Pittsburgh) and Jenny Walters (Chicago). meanwhile is space and time […]

04/08/05 - 05/14/05

Threewalls is pleased to present Without Which Nothing an art exhibition curated by Threewalls Programming Directors Shannon Stratton and Jeff M. Ward. The showcase will […]

02/04/05 - 03/12/05

Take My Hand is an exhibition curated from the Threewalls Artist Files, an online and physical database of emergent artist work. The exhibition investigates fixations […]

01/07/05 - 01/29/05

Threewalls is pleased to host BALDINO-NEUTRINO a single-channel video installation by New York based artist Phyllis Baldino. The room-sized video installation is a project that was […]

12/10/04 - 12/30/04

Opening Reception: Friday, December 10, 6-9 PM Threewalls is pleased to host The Business of Holidays, a new exhibition exploring the mainstream images and iconic […]

04/30/04 - 05/30/04

Opening Reception: Friday, April 30, 6-9 PM Threewalls is pleased to announce the hosting of the Chicago showing of I’m trying to tell you I […]

03/26/04 - 04/24/04

Opening Reception: Friday, March 26 from 6-9pm Threewalls is pleased to present These Things Or The Memory Of Them, a group thematic exhibition featuring the […]

01/16/04 - 02/14/04

Opening Reception: Friday, January 16, 6-9 PM Performance: Friday January 16, 8 PM Threewalls is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition in its recently launched […]