Threewalls has hosted artists-in-residence through a variety of programs since we opened in 2003. Artists live and make work on site with opportunities for community engagement or exhibition supported by Threewalls staff.

There are no upcoming Residencies exhibitions right now.

Past Residencies

06/27/14 - 12/07/14

Troy Briggs debuted his new work shutter shudder ep. 1, along with other pieces completed during his residency at Or Gallery Berlin, at an opening reception […]

07/15/13 - 07/28/13

Slipping away is a new project about the exploration of the fragile presence of the past in everyday life and the existence of nostalgia in […]

05/01/13 - 06/30/13

May 1 – June 30, 2013 COLLECTIVE ARTIST STATEMENT As artists, we regard our practice as a collective enterprise comprised of collaborative and individual projects. […]

02/01/13 - 03/08/13

Lisa Walcott is a Midwest based installation artist and kinetic sculptor whose work explores relationships to space and cycles of deterioration and growth, through various […]

01/14/13 - 01/25/13

Judy Rushin’s paintings hang on and lean against the walls, stand freely in open spaces, and drape over structures. She plays with the tension between […]

12/10/12 - 01/06/13

THE GRAND TOUR OF SOUTH SIDE CHICAGO With construction materials, embroidery thread, and an exacto knife Tomás Rivas has sewn, drawn, stacked, cut, and carved […]

11/10/12 - 12/06/12

During his residency at Three Walls, Jesse Robinson has continued his exploration into the conventions of visual representation, framing, architecture, and display. Jesse began his […]

10/19/12 - 11/07/12

Friends of Blue Dress Park Blue Dress Park is a triangular concrete slab located at the boundaries of Brewers Hill, Riverwest, and the northern end of […]

09/07/12 - 10/20/12

Slide Lecture and Listening Party: Saturday, September 22nd,  3pm Live Recording Sessions October 2 and October 17 With an accompanying bi-fold and essay by Terri […]

07/02/12 - 07/31/12

Daniela Ehemann works across multiple disciplines of Installation, Sculpture and Drawing. During her residency with threewalls her aim is to challenge the masterpieces of architecture, […]

06/01/12 - 06/30/12

Sade Kahra is a Photo Artist from Stockholm, Sweden working in the old ironworks of Fiskars, Finland. She recieved a Master of Arts degree from […]

05/06/12 - 05/31/12

On the Surface of the Midwest Terrence Campagna’s residency at threewalls is one chapter of a longer research project—a field–collection trip from Detroit, Michigan to […]

03/26/12 - 04/30/12

ESCAPE GROUP is a collaborative endeavor by Anthony Romero, Jillian Soto, and any number of past, present, and future participants. From March 27th through April […]

03/01/12 - 03/25/12

Navigating a space between the concepts of the visible and invisible, I experiment with relationships that revolve around human expectancy and animal intuitives. The idea […]

02/15/12 - 02/29/12

Rachel Mijares Fick was born in 1987 in Washington, DC. She is an interdisciplinary artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Her work stems from […]

01/01/12 - 02/02/12

Welcome to our first Artist-in-Research Resident! Veronica Bruce Open Studios every Saturday from 12-2 PM, Closing Event February 9, 2012 Support Veronica’s project on kickstarter […]

08/01/11 - 08/08/11

Sarah Trigg is a photographer and painter based in New York. For the past two years, she has been photographing and writing her project GOLDMINER—an […]

07/24/11 - 07/31/11

Image: All the Trappings: The Best Laid Plans, 2011, cardboard, sleeping bag, mixed textiles, mixed paper, light (viewer looking into structure) My work consists of installations, […]

06/19/11 - 07/22/11

Casey Droege will spend most of the summer battling illiteracy in the art world as she plows ahead with more text-based work. It’s true, you […]

05/01/11 - 06/03/11

Bia Gayotto is a Brazilian-American LA-based artist who completed an artistic residency at Threewalls in May 2011.   Somewhere in Between: Chicago, 2011 Two-channel video […]

04/01/11 - 04/30/11

OH WHY DID I DID IT MY WAY The IPhone Monologues: (We Have) Hard Drives/ The Prison Planet. A work in progress. by Erin Thurlow […]

03/05/11 - 03/19/11

More on Scot’s work at

06/15/09 - 08/30/09

threewalls will host a group of talented emerging women working in performance this summer for our first thematic residency. Artists will be live and work thoughout […]

09/05/08 - 10/11/08

Opening Reception: September 5th, 2008 6:00-9:00pm Artist Talk: September 6th, 2008 3:00pm On view September 5th, 2008 – October 11th, 2008 Patrick Lundeen’s   paintings vibrate […]

06/27/08 - 08/02/08

What is the proper tenor between dissonance and harmony? What lies amidst the physically experienced and that which our brain grasps and calls knowledge? That […]

04/11/08 - 04/27/11

ThreeWalls is excited to host The Mantra Trailer, a civic engagement project by interdisciplinary artist Sherri Lynn Wood in Chicago, April 11 through April 27, 2008. Wood’s […]

04/04/08 - 05/10/08

Opening Reception: Friday April 4, 2008   6:00 – 9:00 PM On View: Through May 10, 2008 Artist Talk: Saturday April 5, 2008 at 3:00 PM […]

01/18/08 - 02/16/08

the house that frank lloyd wright built for atahualpa, fred hampton y mark clark

09/07/07 - 10/13/07

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 2007, 6:00  9:00 PM  On View: September 7, 2007 – October 13, 2007  Self-described as post-interesting, Chris Millar’s (Calgary, Alberta) […]

06/01/07 - 06/30/07

USA Today Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 6-9:00PM On View: June 1-June 30, 2007 If you found an Il Duce action figure at WalMart a […]

03/02/07 - 03/31/07

It’s All About Things On View: March 2nd – March 31st, 2007 T-Th 12-6 pm: auction viewing For the month of March, ThreeWalls is turning […]

12/01/06 - 01/06/07

What are the politics of crafting? Artist Cat Mazza, founder of microRevolt, works in a series of art projects that engage the historical overlap of […]

10/07/06 - 11/25/06

After a year of bringing their funny, insightful and saucy podcast into an iPod near you, roaming Chicago art podcasters Bad At Sports will set […]

09/08/06 - 10/14/06

Perros Fragmentados/ Fragmented Dogs   Opening Reception: Friday, September 8th, 2006, 6-9pm Artist Talk: Saturday, September 9th, 2006 1-2pm On View: September 8th – October 14th, […]

04/21/06 - 05/20/06

L. Francis and the Fertile Grid marks the inauguration of L. Francis into the waking world. On April 21st, 2006 at 22:46, during the vital […]

01/27/06 - 02/25/06

OVERview OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 27, 6:00 – 9:00 PM ON VIEW: January 27 – February 25, 2006 Using light and patterns, Jaime Snyder’s collections […]

09/09/05 - 10/01/05

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 6-9PM Tackling the reality of white privilege, Dani Leventhal leads the viewer through a personal course of realization and acknowledgment, […]

09/04/05 - 11/06/05

Threewalls is proud to present The Great Wide Open, by resident artist, Lisa Caccioppoli. In a formal reconsideration of iconography and imagery, Caccioppoli reinvigorates painting’s ability to invoke […]

07/01/05 - 07/30/05

Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 6-9 PM Abandoned lots are sites for at best, graffiti and at its worst, waste and crime. Land reclamation projects […]

05/20/05 - 06/25/05

Opening Reception: Friday, May 20, 6-9 PM This April, Threewalls welcomes their newest Artist-in-Residence with the arrival of Vancouver artist Kyla Mallett. Mallett recently completed […]

10/04/04 - 12/04/04

Opening Reception: Friday October 29, 6-10 PM Threewalls is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Chicago-based artist Rich Mansfield. The show […]

09/10/04 - 09/25/04

Opening Reception: Friday, August 27, 6-10 PM Australian artist David Noonan will complete his two month residency at Threewalls with a culminating exhibition of new […]

06/04/04 - 06/30/04

Opening Reception: Friday, June 4,  7-10 PM Threewalls is pleased to present their second resident artist, Luanne Martineau. Martineau will be exhibiting her new sculpture […]

02/20/04 - 03/19/04

Opening Reception: Friday, February 20, 6-9 PM Performance: Friday, February 20 at 8:00 PM Threewalls is pleased to announce a solo exhibition for its first […]