03/09/2017 - 05/10/2017

This exhibition is over.

Navy Pier

500 E. Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL

The THAWALLS exhibition is a celebration of Chicago’s rich landscape of interdisciplinary artists that kicks off March 9th with a multi-disciplinary collaborative art party. Threewalls, Links Hall, and the THAWALLS selection committee are delighted to announce the six artists whose installations will be featured in the THAWALLS exhibition at Navy Pier through spring 2017. Read about the artists below, and keep an eye out for six In-Session salons over the course of the installation in conjunction with Links Hall curated performances.

Cecil McDonald, Jr 
Cecil McDonald Jr. uses photography, video, and performance to explore the intersections of masculinity, familial relations, and the artistic and intellectual pursuits of black culture. In-Session date: 03/29

Cream Co.
Cream Co. is a Chicago-based collective, formed in 1997. Today, together, we are five artists bound together by a belief that art works when one wonders. Cream Co.’s interactive installations, paintings, plants and finely-crafted, multi-purpose furniture pieces, reflect the group’s shared and practiced optimism and belief in human generosity. In-Session date: 05/10

Jaclyn Jacunski
Jaclyn’s books, newspapers, prints and sculptures are inspired by political controversies that surround land, communities, and small acts of resistance. The work frames evidence of those acts, lifting them out of context in order to re-think them. She is interested in how these acts manifest in public spaces and neighborhood landscapes as an expression of resisting powerful cultural systems such as gentrification, environmental threats, and state violence. Jaclyn collects found objects, news images, and architectural elements then rearranges them. She explores controversies in Chicago neighborhoods and beyond while considering the impact of an individual’s voice within a given community. Her art employs diverse practices but is defined by printmaking’s populist ethic in the distribution of art with posters and zines. She uses the land as a character imbued with physiological expressions that reflect the social, political, and financial networks that either bind us together or create divisions between us. In-Session date: 04/12

Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero
Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero (aka CQQCHIFRUIT) studies and uncovers the complexities of their Caribbean heritage while creating new queer realities through ornate installations and captivating performance. In-Session date: 04/26

Patricia Nguyen
Patricia Nguyen is a Chicago-based performance artist and scholar. As a child of refugees, her work grapples with embodied memory, state violence, and healing. In-Session date: 05/03

Rufino Jimenez
existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. “abstract concepts such as love or beauty.” In-Session date: 03/22