Past Exhibitions - 2005

11/18/05 - 12/17/05

Threewalls is pleased to present meanwhile, a two-person exhibition of current work by Tessa Windt (Pittsburgh) and Jenny Walters (Chicago). meanwhile is space and time […]

09/09/05 - 10/01/05

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 6-9PM Tackling the reality of white privilege, Dani Leventhal leads the viewer through a personal course of realization and acknowledgment, […]

09/04/05 - 11/06/05

Threewalls is proud to present The Great Wide Open, by resident artist, Lisa Caccioppoli. In a formal reconsideration of iconography and imagery, Caccioppoli reinvigorates painting’s ability to invoke […]

07/01/05 - 07/30/05

Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 6-9 PM Abandoned lots are sites for at best, graffiti and at its worst, waste and crime. Land reclamation projects […]

05/20/05 - 06/25/05

Opening Reception: Friday, May 20, 6-9 PM This April, Threewalls welcomes their newest Artist-in-Residence with the arrival of Vancouver artist Kyla Mallett. Mallett recently completed […]

04/08/05 - 05/14/05

Threewalls is pleased to present Without Which Nothing an art exhibition curated by Threewalls Programming Directors Shannon Stratton and Jeff M. Ward. The showcase will […]

02/04/05 - 03/12/05

Take My Hand is an exhibition curated from the Threewalls Artist Files, an online and physical database of emergent artist work. The exhibition investigates fixations […]

01/07/05 - 01/29/05

Threewalls is pleased to host BALDINO-NEUTRINO a single-channel video installation by New York based artist Phyllis Baldino. The room-sized video installation is a project that was […]