Past Exhibitions - 2011

10/28/11 - 12/10/11

A multiform project and group exhibition, produced Janeil Engelstad Artists include Janeil Engelstad, Grafixpol, Oto Hudec, Magda Stanová, Miklós Surányi, Matej Vakula, and Tehnica Schweiz. […]

09/09/11 - 10/15/11

Much of contemporary art is motivated by the relational–a position-cum-buzz-word that has grown to frame nearly every studio and post-studio practice. From performance to installation […]

08/01/11 - 08/08/11

Sarah Trigg is a photographer and painter based in New York. For the past two years, she has been photographing and writing her project GOLDMINER—an […]

07/24/11 - 07/31/11

Image: All the Trappings: The Best Laid Plans, 2011, cardboard, sleeping bag, mixed textiles, mixed paper, light (viewer looking into structure) My work consists of installations, […]

07/01/11 - 07/31/11

Either/Or/Both explores the poetics of relationships and correspondence through painting, drawing and text based work that troubles the boundaries between the intuitive and the systematic […]

06/19/11 - 07/22/11

Casey Droege will spend most of the summer battling illiteracy in the art world as she plows ahead with more text-based work. It’s true, you […]

05/06/11 - 06/18/11

Betsy Odom mines a vast array of materials and techniques culled from traditional crafts and trades to explore the display of identity. Working from leather […]

05/06/11 - 06/11/11

Concurrent with Odom, Montgomery Perry Smith presents Milking, two new sculptures that focus on an otherworldly relic and the tools used to milk it. Smith’s […]

05/01/11 - 06/03/11

Bia Gayotto is a Brazilian-American LA-based artist who completed an artistic residency at Threewalls in May 2011.   Somewhere in Between: Chicago, 2011 Two-channel video […]

04/01/11 - 04/30/11

OH WHY DID I DID IT MY WAY The IPhone Monologues: (We Have) Hard Drives/ The Prison Planet. A work in progress. by Erin Thurlow […]

03/11/11 - 04/23/11

For his SOLO exhibition Uh-Oh It’s Magic, filmmaker Ben Russell gathers together seven instances of sound and image that speak to the varying possibilities of belief […]

03/05/11 - 03/19/11

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01/14/11 - 02/26/11

Certain conventions of American home decorating and interior design from the seventies and eighties and the mundane domestic objects featured in that décor become fantastic […]

04/11/08 - 04/27/11

ThreeWalls is excited to host The Mantra Trailer, a civic engagement project by interdisciplinary artist Sherri Lynn Wood in Chicago, April 11 through April 27, 2008. Wood’s […]