Past Exhibitions - 2012

11/10/12 - 12/06/12

During his residency at Three Walls, Jesse Robinson has continued his exploration into the conventions of visual representation, framing, architecture, and display. Jesse began his […]

11/02/12 - 12/15/12

With hybrid material use bringing into conflict modernist histories of collage, craft, textiles, design and painting,Diana Guerrero-Maciá’s work suggests a new relationship between these histories. She […]

11/02/12 - 12/15/12

Jessie Mott will debut A Day for Cake and Accidents, which completes the trilogy of short collaborative animations with Steve Reinke. Mott creates the drawings, writes […]

10/19/12 - 11/07/12

Friends of Blue Dress Park Blue Dress Park is a triangular concrete slab located at the boundaries of Brewers Hill, Riverwest, and the northern end of […]

09/07/12 - 10/20/12

Slide Lecture and Listening Party: Saturday, September 22nd,  3pm Live Recording Sessions October 2 and October 17 With an accompanying bi-fold and essay by Terri […]

07/02/12 - 07/31/12

Daniela Ehemann works across multiple disciplines of Installation, Sculpture and Drawing. During her residency with threewalls her aim is to challenge the masterpieces of architecture, […]

06/29/12 - 08/04/12

Laura Davis, Carson Fisk-Vittori and Julia Klein

06/29/12 - 08/04/12

Odie Off is an off comment, off the books, off kilter, face off between artists Mike Rea and Kelly Kaczynski. Begun as a simple provocation, […]

06/01/12 - 06/30/12

Sade Kahra is a Photo Artist from Stockholm, Sweden working in the old ironworks of Fiskars, Finland. She recieved a Master of Arts degree from […]

05/06/12 - 05/31/12

On the Surface of the Midwest Terrence Campagna’s residency at threewalls is one chapter of a longer research project—a field–collection trip from Detroit, Michigan to […]

05/04/12 - 06/16/12

A. Laurie Palmer’s research-based art practice explores matter’s active nature on a range of scales and speeds. Her work taps into and collaborates with material […]

03/26/12 - 04/30/12

ESCAPE GROUP is a collaborative endeavor by Anthony Romero, Jillian Soto, and any number of past, present, and future participants. From March 27th through April […]

03/09/12 - 04/21/12

For the past year Alan and Michael Fleming had been living apart for the first time in their history as twin brothers. Stretched between New […]

03/01/12 - 03/25/12

Navigating a space between the concepts of the visible and invisible, I experiment with relationships that revolve around human expectancy and animal intuitives. The idea […]

02/15/12 - 02/29/12

Rachel Mijares Fick was born in 1987 in Washington, DC. She is an interdisciplinary artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Her work stems from […]

01/13/12 - 02/25/12

Laura Mackin is a kind of amateur archivist. Not unlike the countless Tumblr managers of the world, she collects countless and readily available mundane imagery […]

01/01/12 - 02/02/12

Welcome to our first Artist-in-Research Resident! Veronica Bruce Open Studios every Saturday from 12-2 PM, Closing Event February 9, 2012 Support Veronica’s project on kickstarter […]