Past Exhibitions - 2014

12/12/14 - 12/20/14

Threewalls is pleased to present Double Cherry, a group exhibition and concurrent symposium by artists from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The project […]

12/03/14 - 12/07/14

Threewalls is pleased to participate in UNTITLED. Miami Beach, December 3-7, 2014. In Booth C23, Threewalls presented sculptural and two-dimensional work by Chicago-based artist Carol Jackson, […]

10/24/14 - 11/29/14

For five weeks, a medium-sized crystal ball will race around Threewalls’ gallery space on a rickety track, interrupted occasionally by doorways and other endpoints where […]

10/24/14 - 11/29/14

Edward Breitweiser’s b/w is an audio-visual-textual feedback network. Using LEDs and light-sensitive electronic circuits, b/w is set into motion–or “excited”–by gallery visitors, stray sources of light, and other LEDs, creating an […]

10/18/14 - 11/22/14

Or Gallery presents an installation of two films by Berlin-based artist Andreas Bunte that revolve around human attempts to reproduce the high and low pressure that […]

09/07/14 - 10/18/14

In her first solo show in Chicago, Franziska Holstein presents a series of works on paper using metal-plate lithography. Each print refers to a single painting; the […]

09/07/14 - 10/18/14

For his first exhibition with the gallery, Philip von Zweck is launching the Chicago Artificial Birding Society (C.A.B.S.). Modeled after conventional birding societies, the project is a […]

09/07/14 - 10/18/14

According to Robert Arndt, “Aaron Carpenter’s Cartoons are paintings; narrative abstract action paintings completed as stop-motion films. The paintings showcased suggest a correlation with the 1920′s German movement […]

09/05/14 - 10/11/14

What is fated and what is free-will? In a country that depends almost equally on a narrative of the self-made, pragmatism and the maverick alongside […]

09/05/14 - 10/11/14

Threewalls  is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Jon Geiger, titled Nothing That Gleams. Geiger mines American folk history, cowboy films, and European […]

09/05/14 - 10/04/14

Threewalls is honored to present Fearful Symmetries, the first retrospective exhibition of the influential feminist artist, Faith Wilding at the Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College in Memphis, […]

06/27/14 - 12/07/14

Troy Briggs debuted his new work shutter shudder ep. 1, along with other pieces completed during his residency at Or Gallery Berlin, at an opening reception […]

06/15/14 - 07/26/14

Threewalls presents solo work in two conjoined shows by Chicago based artist Stephen Reber and Ander Ruhwald, ceramics Artist-in-Residence at The Cranbrook Academy of Art […]

04/26/14 - 05/31/14

Irina Botea’s SOLO exhibition It is now a matter of learning hope foregrounds how hope as an emotion is connected to imagination and the possibility […]

04/26/14 - 05/31/14

In the Project Room, Rozalinda Borcila & Brian Holmes present Foreign Trade Zone: A People’s Consultancy. The project reflects on the historical developments and present-day realities […]

03/14/14 - 04/19/14

Slow Frequency is a series of exhibitions initiated by Threewalls, Chicago and co-curated by Dan Devening, devening projects+editions ; Jonathan Middleton, Or Gallery, Vancouver/Berlin and […]

03/07/14 - 04/12/14

Harold Mendez’s exhibition but I sound better since you cut my throat is a meditation on two liminal characters who seek to transcend boundaries, borders, […]

03/07/14 - 04/12/14

In the Project room, taisha paggett and Ashley Hunt will create a “black box,” a darkened installation that builds upon their recent “Par Course” projects. […]

01/10/14 - 02/22/14

Threewalls is honored to present Fearful Symmetries, the first retrospective exhibition of the influential feminist artist, Faith Wilding.  Widely known as a performance artist, Wilding […]