Past Exhibitions - 2015

11/07/15 - 12/12/15

The Great Good Place, an artist project by Brandon Alvendia, is a multi-layered set of collaborative exhibitions which considers the poetic, political, and aesthetic potential […]

11/05/15 - 11/08/15

From Thursday, November 5 – Sunday, November 8, Threewalls will be showcasing the Community Supported Art (CSA) Chicago program at SOFA, the Sculptural Objects, Functional Art […]

10/02/15 - 10/31/15

Presented as part of Alternative Currencies, a Philadelphia-based project that gathers independent contemporary arts groups from around the country to share their innovative modes of working, Threewalls […]

09/17/15 - 09/20/15

Threewalls is proud to present work by recently exhibited artists Fraser Taylor and Jovencio de la Paz at EXPO Chicago 2015, held at Navy Pier […]

09/12/15 - 10/24/15

Featured in the Project Room is Bars (of Ponge’s “Soap”), an installation by multimedia artist and theorist Seth Kim-Cohen. Riffing on French poet Francis Ponge’s 1967 […]

09/12/15 - 10/24/15

In Legacy of Loneliness Laura Davis responds to the history of female artists, herself included, working within the field of sculpture. The exhibit features a site-specific wall painting, […]

06/12/15 - 08/01/15

Using the specific history and process of Batik, a wax-resist dye process indigenous to many cultures of Southeast Asia, Jovencio de la Paz presents recent […]

06/12/15 - 08/01/15

Within his current body of work, Cover the Earth, Anthony Baab experiments with objects and materials associated with consumerism – packaging, advertisements, and logos. Baab […]

04/03/15 - 05/23/15

Returning to Chicago after a year-long sabbatical and residency in Scotland, Fraser Taylor will present two bodies of work in Orchid/Dirge: a site-specific realization of […]

03/28/15 - 05/09/15

The Or Gallery is pleased to present adrift, a new film installation by David Hartt. The film is a work of speculative fiction set 50 […]

01/30/15 - 04/17/15

2012 Propeller Fund Awardee Lucky Pierre, as Lucky Pierre Free University (LPFU), presents The Sky Is Falling. The Money’s All Gone., a 10-week seminar in […]

01/23/15 - 03/21/15

Outreach: Jaime Davidovich, 1974-1984 is the first solo exhibition in Chicago of video and television works by the pioneering, overlooked Argentine artist Jaime Davidovich, curated […]

01/23/15 - 03/21/15

Latham Zearfoss’ immersive sound installation in the Project Room revolves around the consensual, the hopeful, the tentative and tenuous YES, through an echoing reverberation of […]

01/23/15 - 03/21/15

Television creates political bodies because it happens to many people at the same time: through the medium, people stay informed of collective stories, gather in […]