Future Signals / Señales Futuras takes form as a mobile radio/recording station with on-site broadcasts and public listening sessions in Chicago’s historic Pilsen neighborhood. Future Signals / Señales Futuras is inspired by the histories of community-based radio stations which previously broadcast from Pilsen and Little Village, as well as neighborhood street cart food vendors, and the mobile DJ sound systems of sonideros. Future Signals / Señales Futuras creatively appropriates the radio format to publicly consider and imagine a one-hundred-year span of neighborhood history, from the founding of the WCYC community radio station in 1970, to the not-so-distant future of 2070. Future Signals / Señales Futuras looks backwards in history to imagine and signal more affordable, equitable, and just futures for the Pilsen neighborhood and its residents.

Image description: Photo of Andres L. Hernandez, a dark-skinned African-American man with black mustache and beard, dark tortoiseshell eyeglasses, a short-brimmed black fedora, with black and grey checker-patterned shirt. Photo credit: Nicole Harrison.

Andres L. Hernandez

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