Re-Membering/Re-Presencing is a site-specific multi-channel sound installation at the
Ford Calumet Environmental Center, located in Big Marsh, comprised of a series of field recording workshops, sound walks and improvised performances at Big Marsh and Marian R. Byrnes Park. In addition, the sound installation includes sonified data taken from plants on-site and data sets of soil, air, water and demographics of the community area. The sounds of Jeffery Manor, a Black community, are recordings of animals, plants, wind and water, the sounds of the community, sounds made by people, including traffic, drag races, fireworks, block parties, and other everyday activities that take place in the neighborhood community.

Image description: Norman, wearing white shirt and dark pants, sitting on maroon couch, white and gray background, leaning forward, looking at the camera, arms resting on knees. Photo credit: Nathan Keay

Norman W. Long

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