“Spring in the Winthrop Family Historical Garden” is a series of new photographs that are produced in response to the Winthrop Family Historical Garden located in the Uptown neighborhood. As described on the garden’s website, The Winthrop Avenue Family Historical Garden was established in 2009 by the City of Chicago 46th Ward, Uptown United, and the surrounding community to recognize the founding families’ contribution to the Uptown neighborhood. The photographs are a celebration of the garden in spring, and a reflection on the landscape and unique spatial politics in this community, including the legacy of legal segregation in Chicago and its impact on the families of 4600 N. Winthrop Avenue.

These lush photographs consist of detailed and layered views of the garden and community green space in use by neighbors including members of Uptown United, NeighborSpace, the Winthrop Family Historical Garden community, and other stakeholders in the community garden.

Image description: Headshot of Regina Agu
Photo credit: Stephen Flemister

Regina Agu

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