RaD Lab+Outside the Walls Fellowship Application

RaD Lab+Outside the Walls Fellowship supports ALAANA-identified (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab and Native American) artists and creatives who use radical imagination to practice a racially just society. All of the fellows will demonstrate alternative ways towards racial equity through the lens of radical imagination and social justice.

The program will offer up to $40,000 per project to address the inadequate support for ALAANA-identified artists to contribute to culture in the hustle and grind mode in the art world. The first year of funding will support  research in which the fellow will engage their neighborhoods and community areas in the development of a radical idea that addresses systems and structures that uphold oppression against ALAANA individuals and the many identity intersections within these groups. An additional second year of support will be contingent upon completion of the first year and will be used for implementation of the project into a public component.

The program is divided into two parts: Year One: RaD Lab (research and development) and Year Two: Outside the Walls. During the RaD Lab year, the artist fellows spend a year researching, developing and testing their project for Outside the Walls. Over this time, each awardee will share their idea and research with their neighbors, stakeholders, and interested communities on a quarterly basis. These are intentional moments of engaging residents of the fellows’ neighborhood/community area and to include the larger Chicago public in the research process.

In the second year, again contingent upon completion of the first year, the research form will be shared in spaces that do not typically host art programming and are easily accessible to the public as Outside the Walls. This component also features programming led by artists in relation to the communities that have been part of the project’s development.

Additional Support

The fellowship offers mentorship that begins at the application phase with office hours, assisting applicants with articulating their research and radical idea to the public, helping them think through the quarterly engagements where they present and collaborate with Chicago residents in their neighborhood, and talking through different ways to present their research idea. The mentorship continues with support around engagements (logistics, connecting with community representatives/organizations, onsite support), being a thought partner during the research phase, and conducting regular studio visits. With this approach, we believe this to be an extension of our value of collaboration: We value the practice of collaboration with our nonprofit peers, artists, community leaders, and others who are inspired to use art as a catalyst for change. We believe that without true collaboration, real change through the arts cannot happen.

With the financial award, each awardee will receive access to the following creative resources at no cost: one-on-one financial planning sessions with a professional planner and a tax workshop at the beginning of the grant year and during tax time. Additionally, we will offer disability-centered access education, one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed therapist, Alice Berry, whose practice focuses on creatives; and  digital coaching sessions led by Google Digital Coach.


Applying to the RaD Lab + Outside the Walls fellowship affirms that you are in agreement and alignment with the mission and values of the organization and its commitment to fostering spaces in which anti-Blackness and misogynoir have no place. Additionally, you affirm that you understand the expectations of this program. Note that those who do not adhere to the organization’s values and community agreements will be asked to leave the fellowship. 

Please review Threewall’s mission and values as well as the RaD Lab + Outside the Walls program description prior to submitting your application. Each of these pages provides additional information to assist with how to contextualize radical project ideas.

Fellowship Commitment

Please note that this fellowship requires a time-commitment of up to two years of intentional engagement with Threewalls, peer fellows, and Chicago residents. The following commitments include:

Quarterly neighborhood-based public engagements.

Three fellows gatherings with the first one in July 2022.

The timeline for the application process is below:

February 23, 2022 Application opens

March 2022: Office Hours Offered Weekly on Thursdays (sign up here)

April 15, 2022: Application closes at 11:59 pm Central (deadline extension)

May 23-27, 2022: Jury Sessions

May 30-June 9, 2022: One on One Interviews with Finalists 

June 27, 2022: Fellows Announced

July 1, 2022: Fellowship Begins

Should you have any further questions during the application process, please contact us at the fellowshipprogram@three-walls.org.


Please provide the requested information and responses in your application. The application can be submitted as a PDF, video or audio file, and should be sent to fellowshipprogram@three-walls.org.

Your application materials can be submitted as written responses, video files, or audio files. Please keep written responses to under 400 words per question and video responses under 3 minutes per question.

General Information


Current Address:




*Not having a website does not exclude you from being considered. If you do not have a website, include documentation of your artistic or creative practice in the form of photos or video (no longer than 5 minutes). 


Date Of Birth:

Gender Pronouns:

Affirmation of ALAANA Identity – As this fellowship is for individuals who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color, please self-identify your racial background. 

Accessibility: Affirming ALAANA communities and their intersections, Threewalls supports the inclusion of Deaf and Disabled people in all aspects of this fellowship. Would you be interested in knowing more about how to engage these communities within the fellowship program?  Yes_ No_

If available, please include a short biography, resume OR Curriculum Vitae.


1. Tell us about yourself and your creative practice. You are welcome to reference your resume/CV in the response.

2. At Threewalls we look to the definitions below as guiding lights for our work and framing the concept of social justice. You are welcome to consider any of these as you answer the question. How does your work or practice engage with social justice? 

Bernice A. King: “Social justice is love applied to systems, policies and cultures.” 

Angela Y. Davis: “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”

3. Thinking about Angela Davis’s description of radical being to “grab by the roots”, tell us about the neighborhood in which you’ve put down your roots and the community that sustains or supports you. How do you engage or interact with the folks in this community?

4a. bell hooks is another thinker that helps to frame the work here at Threewalls. She wrote: “Our living depends on our ability to conceptualize alternatives…” How do you use art and your practice to imagine a racially just society? What does that society look like? What does it feel like? 

4b.What is your radical idea that reimagines a racially just society? Please share that idea and how you might want to research it over the next year. Feel free to include questions that you’d like to explore, a research plan, or any other ideas you might have to go about conducting your research. 

5. The fellowship requires 4 public engagements, 3 of which are to take place in your neighborhood community. Please outline how you will engage your community. How will you share your research with the public and in what ways will you do it?

6. Threewalls work from a value of collaboration. How do you define collaboration? How do you envision collaborating with Threewalls in developing this radical idea?


Threewalls is always finding new ways to share our artist’s unique voices through exhibits, talks, and gatherings. We would like you to be the first to know about these opportunities.