New Programming: Research and Development Lab

New Programming: Research and Development Lab

The Research and Development Lab (RaD Lab) program is a mentored approach to the Outside the Walls program—an artistic exhibition installation that lives in one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. During RaD Lab, the artists spend a year researching, developing and testing their project for Outside the Walls. Over this time, each artist/artist collective will present their idea to their communities/neighbors, stakeholders, and interested publics. This engagement with neighbors is an invitation into the artistic process and an opportunity for artists, and Threewalls, to listen to residents who will live with the art work for 3 months. This is also a time for building relationships, identifying or confirming location, securing permission, and design programs to support the exhibition installation.

Artists selected for this program have a collaborative and generous spirit in addition to a steady studio practice. They are completely open to including lay persons into their artistic and creative process and to developing relationships with various stakeholders.

There are three important outcomes for RaD Lab: one-on-one artist support; building community excitement for the exhibition through intentional engagement; and a deeper connection to the Chicago community, thus expanding support for the arts and Threewalls’ ecosystem.

The 2017 RaD Lab artists are:

Maria Gaspar

Balas and Wax

Black Athena Collective