In-Session Fall 2018-2019 Programs

In-Session Fall 2018-2019 Programs

September 5th | 6:30PM

Tarnynon (Ty-yuh-nuh) Onumonu with collaborators Tarynn Jackson and Kayla McClain

Using Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen” as a guiding text, the panelists will discuss what citizenship summons for them and their identifying communities alike. A live body painting session serves to discuss how the idea of citizenship deems one subject and/or object.

October 3rd | 6:30PM 

Makeba Kedem-DuBose with collaborators Nataka Moore, Ennis Martin III, Renee Baker and the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project 

Artificial Light: 365 Days of Sun is a multimedia performance piece inspired by the movie, What Happened Miss Simone? and the song “I Ain’t Got No, I Got Life” by American singer-songwriter Ms. Nina Simone. The performance focuses on the citizen status of being of ‘normal’ mental health and the very prevalent non-citizen group of people suffering with depressive disorders. Above image work by Makeba Kedem-DuBose.

November 7th | 6:30PM

Najee Searcy & Jenna Anast with collaborators Zo//Ra and Melissa Alamndina
In this version of In-Session, guided by poet Rumi’s book of poetry, Hush: Don’t Say Anything to God: Passionate Poems of Rumi, we aim to discuss citizenship through affirming the present moment and those who are a part of it. We will feature a lovely performance from Zo//Ra, an open discussion about citizenship with Najee and Jenna, and hand-written poetry crafted by Melissa Almandina.

February 6th | 6:30PM

Imani Elizabeth Jackson with collaborator Jo Stewart
Ain’t Got No / I Got Life is an exercise in waiting inspired by Nina Simone’s song with the same name—waiting for dusk’s cover, waiting for a train’s arrival, waiting for intervention, waiting for word.

Hinged by Nina’s song, two performers hang around in a suspended space between “ain’t got no” and “got life.” In parallel “waiting rooms,” they loiter and linger, imagining their imminent journeys and recalling the journeys of those before them.

March 6th | 6:30PM

Maya Mackrandilal with collaborators Udita Upadhyaya, Enid Muñoz and Bhanu Kapil
Maya Mackrandilal, Udita Upadhyaya and Enid Muñoz will present a live performance that activates and responds to Schizophrene by Bhanu Kapil. The three will explore ritual, fragmentation of the body, earth as archive, and the affective costs of migration. The work questions the social constructs of borders within the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and class.

April 3rd | 6:30PM

AJ McClenon with collaborator Angel Bat Dawid

What are the consequences of a citizen’s performance as superhuman while being classified as subhuman by the world at large? In the discussion of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander, AJ McClenon and Angel Bat Dawid will be using historical & contemporary sounds, movement and personal narrative to expose the effects of Jim Crow’s contemporary masks.