PHONEBOOK, an ongoing Threewalls publication, is a directory of independent and noncommercial art spaces, programming, and programs throughout the United States and collections of critical essays and practical information written by the people who run them. PHONEBOOK includes artist-run spaces, public programming, unconventional residencies, alternative schools, and community resources; all of the programs that form and support art ecologies across the nation, as well as historical documents marking their past. The book acts as an archive of artist-run activity as well as a guidebook to communities around the nation, and is an essential resource for artists, organizers, art historians, and art audiences today.



PHONEBOOK 4 printed edition includes over 850+ listings, including spaces, residencies, archives, festivals, event series, tool libraries, and new categories including online art criticism, artist publications, site-responsive and public art opportunities, and more! These listings are accompanied by a collection of critical essays and practical information written by the people who run them. PHONEBOOK features essays by arts leaders in the field, including:

Taylor Renee Aldridge and Jessica Lynne, co-founders of ARTS.BLACK.
Brandon AlvendiaChicago-based artist, curator, writer, and publisher.
Houston independent artist Jamal Cyrus, also a member of artist collective Otabenga Jones and Associates.
Ryan Dennis, Public Art Director for program Row Houses, Houston.
Christian L. Frockindependent writer and curator based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Noé Gaytán, member of Michelada Think Tank (MTT) based in Los Angeles.
Sam Gould, co-founder and editor of Red76, based in Minneapolis. 
Artist, educator and organizers Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard, core members of BFAMFAPhD.
KCHUNG Radiocommunity radio resource and artists’ co-operative based in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
The Ladies’ Invitational Deadbeat Society (LIDS), core members include cultural workers Anthea Black, Nicole Burisch, and Wednesday Lupypciw.
New Orleans-based artist and performer Local Honey.
Helena Keeffe, nomadic artist, teacher and cook.
Steve Lambert, artist and perpetual autodidact, based in New York City.
James McNally, founder and Director of Temporary Art Review and The Luminary, St. Louis.
Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud, artist and writer based in Houston, Texas and founder of labotanica.
Shani Peters, multi-disciplinary New York-based artist.
Susannah Schouweiler is a writer, arts critic, and editor-in-chief of Mn Artists, based in Minneapolis.
Art historian and curator in Portland, Maine, Chris Stiegler of Institute for American Art (IfAA).
Eleanor Hanson Wise is a co-founder of The Present Group, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Martha Wilson, pioneering feminist artist and founder and director of Franklin Furnace, New York.
Working Artists in the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), based in New York City.

All in a beautiful print edition designed by Chad Kouri with Katherine Rivich.

Watch our successful Kickstarter campaign from Spring 2015 to learn more, including our plans for building an online app to accompany the print edition!

Over the next year, Threewalls will be raising money to develop a SMART PHONE APP to bring the activities of grass-roots, independent and small scale arts programs and temporary programs to your phone so that you locate dynamic and local art activity easily from home and when you travel. The PHONEBOOK APP acts like word-of-mouth at your finger tips, connecting you to the work of artists and independent organizers wherever you go. PHONEBOOK is the only resource of its kind that catalogs where and how artists today make their work, build community on the grassroots level, and create vibrant and experimental local culture.

On past editions: 

PHONEBOOK 2011/2012 included over 750 listings of artist programs across the United States and featured essays and documents from Group Material, Renny Pritikin, Susan Sakash, FEAST Brooklyn, Ox-bow, Faheem Majed, Chances Dances, Paul Durica, Dara Greenwald, Amy Franceschini, Pilot TV, Jon Brumit and Sarah Wagner, PLAND, Andy Sturdevant, Robby Herbst and more. Copies are still available through our online store. PHONEBOOK 2007/2008 and PHONEBOOK 2009/2010 were published in collaboration with Green Lantern Press and co-edited by Caroline Picard.