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RaD Lab+Outside the Walls Fellowship

RaD Lab+Outside the Walls Fellowship supports ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab and Native American) artists and creatives who use radical imagination to practice a...

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It is our hope that this program will inspire big ideas from Chicago-based artists in the ALAANA community in advancing a racially just society. The radical imagination that Surdna encourages is what Threewalls practices every day. 

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a quarterly relationship-building program that brings together a cross-section of Chicago over a prepared meal. In a casual setting, guests connect w...

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Implemented in 2017, In-Session is a remix of a traditional lecture or panel and critical interdisciplinary salon that incorporates reading, conversat...

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What are the consequences of a citizen’s performance as superhuman while being classified as subhuman by the world at large? (AJ McClenon and Angel Bat Dawid, 2019)  

Culture of Care

Culture of Care offers space for exchange during which we come together to share, rest, and reflect on what it means to shape a culture that embraces ...

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“Overextending myself is not stretching myself. I had to accept how difficult it is to monitor the difference. Necessary for me as cutting down on sugar. Crucial. Physically. Psychically. Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”~Audre Lorde 

Response+Relief Fund

Launched in February of 2021, Threewalls, a contemporary arts organization, offered funds in support of Chicago’s arts ecosystem: Response+Relief Fund. In th...

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Response + Relief Fund is prioritizing the fund for independent, recently laid off or furloughed arts administrators and curators who have urgent situations and are needing temporary financial support.  


Threewalls is always finding new ways to share our artist’s unique voices through exhibits, talks, and gatherings. We would like you to be the first to know about these opportunities.