A remix of the traditional lecture or panel, In-Session is a critical interdisciplinary salon that incorporates reading, conversation, and performance together. The salons are focused on a selection from a shared reading list which is compiled based on a theme. Artists, curators and community members curate the In-Session, selecting the reading and the performers. The conversation on the selection is activated by performance – music, song, poetry, dance, or movement.

Past In-Session themes from previous years are detailed below:

2019-2020: The Art of Memory –

Memory is personal, but also shaped by collective experience and public representations. What reminds you of what you are? What do we learn from what we preserve personally and publicly? From family photographs to public art, memorials and museums – what constructs our varying identities and perceptions of each other? –

2018-2019: Citizen(ship) –

This year we invited each individual to curate a stand-alone conversation and performance based on the theme of citizen(ship). This theme is inspired by the book ‘Citizen’ by Claudia Rankine. Who is a citizen? What are the rights and duties of a citizen? How do we claim ownership of an identity that excludes so many? What role does citizen(ship) have in the creation of texts? What does it mean to be citizens of multiple identities? –

2018 Theme: Migration –

What does migration mean on an individual level? Cultural? How can we see the impact of migration in everyday interactions, readings, music, television?

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