Inaugurating Threewalls’ Outside the Walls initiative, the Chicago contemporary art and community organization presents Settlement, the artist collaborative Balas & Wax’s roving, multifaceted project based in the artists’ northside neighborhood of Edgewater. Settlement launches September 15, 2018, with a sculptural installation in Lincoln Park. The installation—a series of ghostly architectural sculptures raised high above the park—evokes the city’s history of human and material displacement.

In a meditation on migration and the complications of urban development, Settlement uncovers the material and human connections between Chicago’s North and West side communities and the histories that bind them. Tracing that history back to the construction of the Eisenhower Expressway and the northern tip of Lake Shore Drive, the project integrates the voices of residents, past and present, to create works that resist dominant civic and media narratives.

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Image Description: grey book with the title “Settlement” and “Balas & Wax”




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